Patient Information

Who can refer you to Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre?

Your family doctor, another specialist or optometrist.
The referral from you GP or Optometrist is valid for 12 months
The referral from your specialist is valid for 3 months

What to bring with you

  1. Up to date referral letter from GP, Ophthalmologist or optometrist – if you do not have a referral letter, you will be able to claim much less rebate from Medicare
  2. Medical History and list of medications and allergies
  3. Recent prescription spectacles/contact lens
  4. Medicare card
  5. Age pension card if you have one
  6. Private health insurance cards and details
  7. Sunglasses and hat – to reduce glare after pupil dilation

Consultation Time

At Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre, we value and respect your time.
When you visit Adelaide Eye and Retina Centre, expect to spend around 2 hours for an initial consultation, this time may be extended if further investigation or treatment are needed.
Being a busy retinal clinic we regularly manage ocular emergencies (such as retinal detachment) which can delay our regular appointment schedule. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience when such emergencies arise.

Payment of accounts

We are not a bulk billing practice
We request payment in full for accounts up to $250
If you have more investigations done we request the out of pocket expense to be paid on the day of consultation this could be between $250 to $600
We accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS, Visa and Mastercard
We will give you written Informed Financial Consent for any surgical procedures you may require.

Patient Information collection

Please see our privacy policy for further information.
If you wish you may complete Registration form to bring in to your appointment with you.

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